About Us

Hello and thank you for wanting to know more about us!

With over a decade of expertise, our company excels in the full-cycle development of mobile games, from initial concept to final release. At Bluembo Entertainment, we offer top-tier outsourcing services, catering to publishers, game developers, renowned global brands, and private entities in the gaming sector. Our proficiency in utilizing Unity allows us to craft both 3D and 2D games that meet the highest standards of quality. In addition to game development, we are adept in server-side technologies including NET, Python, Akka.io (Java), Akka.NET, and the Photon Server Engine.

We take great pride in our game art development, and I encourage you to explore our Art Portfolio, which showcases our creativity and technical prowess. You will also find links to games we have developed, reflecting our commitment to innovation and quality.

Our team, comprising over 30 dedicated professionals, thrives in a creative environment that fosters uniqueness and memorability in every game we create. We believe in delivering not just high-quality and stable code but also in crafting games with unique styles, stunning graphics, and engaging gameplay. This approach has garnered popularity among a diverse range of players.

At Bluembo, our ambition is to be more than just a service provider; we aim to be a reliable partner in your journey. Our primary mission is to develop bright, captivating, and family-friendly games for mobile devices. We are eager to explore how our expertise can align with your needs and contribute to your success.

Below is an overview of our technology stack and services:

  • Game design
    • Game Design Documents (GDD)
    • Technical Design Documents (TDD)
    • Concept Development
  • Programming
    • Unity
    • C#
  • Server Solutions
    • Python
    • Java
    • .NET
    • Photon Cloud
  • Game Art
    • 2D Art and Animation
    • 3D Art and Animation
  • UX/UI Design
    • Comprehensive design services, including Logo Design

  • Warm regards,
    Bluembo Entertainment Corporation Team